Who We Are At Yourdesignershoesandmore.com, we are committed to maintaining


Who We Are At Yourdesignershoesandmore.com, we are committed to maintaining the trust and confidence of all visitors to our web site. In particular, we want you to know that Yourdesignershoesandmore.com is not in the business of selling, renting or trading email lists with other companies and businesses for marketing purposes. In this Privacy Policy, we’ve […]

High End Captivting Shoes And You!!


The Essence of Shoes is a must The essence of shoes’ touches the heart, an essence of shoes’ is an art, nothing less than essence. There are different types of essence, fashions and styles of shoes’. Essence of shoes’ are important in fashion. Shoes should be an essence in quality, style, color, and shape. Essence […]

Women and Men Designer Shoes

In the world of Women designer footwear and men designer shoes, fashion and design, everyone is entitled to dress the way they want to, but the question is, are you wearing the right dress with the right shoes and for men, the correct socks with the correct shoes and color? When it comes on to […]

Women Designer Fashion


The woman designer fashion also Womandesignerfashiongoes hand in hand with the designer woman clothing and footwear. Both in my opinion should compliment each other, especially if you are a public figure. Your kids also can be in kids designer shoes also, because your kids is a reflection of you. It really does not have to […]

Things you must know when Shopping for Designer Shoes and More


Some People hate shopping and some people like myself love shopping, especially if it’s for shoes, (Designer Shoes) and bags and accessories. You don’t need to be confused of all the different stores or where to go to get nice designer shoes and bags etc. according to your own pocket. There are so many sites […]

Shoes that capture, My Love at First Sight The act of seeing a shoes that capture you at first sight, with a sense of sophistication that touch the heart, it just grab you. When the shoes grab you, you know it’s for you. That is how you should buy shoes,


Shoes That Capture: When a woman or man, more so a woman that sees a shoes that capture and grab her at first sight, that is a day for her. For some women like myself, when I am shopping for shoes, it has to grab me or capture my heart, the style and sophistication of […]

About Rose

Hello, and welcome to your designer shoes and more!!! My name is Rose. I am a woman of humble beginnings, who have always had a passion for fashion. I always strive to help others with their passion for shoes by bringing to them sophisticated shoes, pocket books, accessories and more. I love to look good […]