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Hello, and welcome to your designer shoes and more!!!

My name is Rose. I am a woman of humble beginnings, who have always had a passion for fashion. I always strive to help others with their passion for shoes by bringing to them sophisticated shoes, pocket books, accessories and more.

I love to look good and love shoes and interesting and unique fashions; so, I wanted to open an online store to share my passion by bringing sophisticated shoes and more to the online industry, and help others to find a place to go to for their passion for fashion and express themselves in doing what they love.


The Passion For Shoes Journey:

I wanted to help others with this passion for shoes, because on like me, when you look good you feel good about yourself, and it brings out the best in others. I wanted to share a story for the passion for shoes journey.

When I was 14 years of age I got my first heals for Christmas, that’s all I wanted for Christmas. My mom decided to give me my heart’s desire. I remember, so clearly, they were a set of Grey pumps. I was so excited!!! on Christmas day I was going to visit my grandmother, and I wore my heals, and they were 4 inches and I was not able to walk in them.

I stopped by a family member, and I remember she laughed at me so hard, because she said I could not walk in the heals, but I did not care, even though I was not able to walk in them properly, because of my passion, I preservere, I walked and struggled in them until I reached my destination. I was not able to walk in them properly, but my passion helped me to pushed forward. Ever since then, my passion for shoes and fashion continues. Now I have shoes in all different styles and colors, and my passion for fashion continues to grow.


My Goal And Purpose:

My purpose and goal for this site, is to bring all the fashionista together, to shop and to share stories and their love for fashion, meet new people and enjoy the fashion and shoes industry.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Rose, Founder-Your Designer Shoes And More


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