High End Captivting Shoes And You!!


The Essence of Shoes is a must

The essence of shoes’ touches the heart, an essence of shoes’ is an art, nothing less than essence. There are different types of essence, fashions and styles of shoes’. Essence of shoes’ are important in fashion. Shoes should be an essence in quality, style, color, and shape. Essence of shoes’ should make a statement. You should smell the essence of the shoes’. Smell the intrinsic nature of the shoes’ depending on the material. Essence of shoes’ should have that flavor in your mind smelling the scent should be so captivating. Essence of shoes’ should be the most significant quality of you. Essence of shoes’ is of utmost importance.

High End Shoes

High End shoes’ are perfect, but some times there are shoes’ that are not name brand that looks sophisticated and elegant. I love shoes’. You can turn your passion for shoes’ into a thriving business. The journey of sophisticated shoes’ begin when I was 14 years old. I always have a niche for shoe, nice shoes’ that attracts me at first sight. High end shoes’ are some of the worlds most luxurious shoe brand. Some High end shoes’ are more expensive than some. For example Burberry, along with their bags and clothing line. High end shoes’ to me have a more structured sophisticated, captivating look and feel. They are also durable and a great investment.

Shoes that are Captivating

High End Sophisticated shoes’ has to be captivating. Designer shoes’ has to give that grabbing feeling for me to buy it. Seeing myself in it and makes me feel like a million bucks is my goal when it comes on to shoes’. Shoes must be attractive and appealing. If you are highly sophisticated and want to stand out from the rest, find shoe designers who will design and make captivating “Custom Made” shoes’. The shoes’ should be so captivating, that you will express yourself in the shoes’. People should look forward every week to see what shoes’ you got on this week, and be so excited and ask,  Girl, where did you get that shoes’. When a person is  a walking designer that constantly and consistently draws attention and admiration by her captivating shoes, you yourself will look captivating overall.

Sophisticated Shoes

Shoes has to be sophisticated, elegant, lovely to make me go WOW!!! sexy, modest and lovely. The shoes’ has to speak to me. Yes, the shoes’ has to speak to me. It has to have my name on the shoe, see myself in it. When shoes’ are sophisticated, you feel yourself wearing it, you feel confident, you are getting compliments from left and right., if you don’t get a compliment, you will be admired, you can just feel those eyes admiring your feet. There is nothing like wearing a sophisticated shoe, you want elegance and sophistication, nothing less. Sophisticated shoes’ fancy, having a good taste for shoes’ that you are not only a sophisticated person, but it shows that you are comfortable with a sense of quality and luxury and that you love and appreciate the finer things in life with elegance and modesty and a hint of simplicity. Sophisticated shoes’, show that a person have knowledge and experience for fashion and that you are a sophisticated lady or a sophisticated man. When you are viewed as a sophisticated person, your children will also be admired as the same, because just as your shoes’ is sophisticated and shows a reflection of you. Your kids are also a reflection of you. So, wear that sophisticated shoes’, it’s one life to live.

Shoes Attraction

Shoes has to attract me at first sight, I can’t stress it enough. There has to be an attraction, falling in love with the shoes’ is a must. One look at that shoes’ would say, make a sacrifice. When you are attracted to a shoe, you will do anything in your power to get that shoes’. Anything but illicit, nothing illicit. Be the shoes’ attraction motivator, your shoes’ says a lot about you too, your style and character speaks through the attraction of your shoes’. Lavish in shoes’ attraction. There are so many types of lavish shoes’ to attract anyone, it can be Vegan friendly shoes’, suede shoes’, Colored and unusual one of a kind shoes’. Explore, your options are unlimited. The attraction of the shoes’, should evoke interest in the shoes’, you should wear it with absolute pleasure. Let the next person see the attraction of the shoes’ and also fall in love with the shoes’ and admire themselves in the shoes’. The shoe should be attractive to the point that you feel extravagant in the shoes’. You should feel like a million bucks walking the red carpet feeling beautiful lovely and attractive as the shoes’ attract attention.


In my conclusion we have to look at the big picture. If you can see yourself in the shoe, see yourself wearing it and it captures your heart at first sight and you fall in love with the shoes’, and have a passion for fashion and designer, sophisticated shoes’ that attracts and is captivating, then, that shoes’ is for you. Wear it like you make it. You own it and you earn it. You work hard, and you paid a million bucks for it. Enjoy it, wear your heals now. It’s one life to live. When you are old you won’t be able to wear it. So, enjoy nice shoes’ while it last. You are a fabulous captivating person. Your shoes’ says a lot about you. So, let your shoes’ speak about the fabulous you, the splendid superb you, When shoes’ looks fabulous, it should show a gorgeous wonderful beautiful, sight, to be admired, pleasing to look at all times. The shoes’ should be fabulous to the point where it turns heads, people should use words like, that shoes’ is astonishing, awesome, fantastic and spectacular. The shoes’ should be astounding to the eyes. It should show the phenomenal you.

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