Shoes that capture, My Love at First Sight The act of seeing a shoes that capture you at first sight, with a sense of sophistication that touch the heart, it just grab you. When the shoes grab you, you know it’s for you. That is how you should buy shoes,


Shoes That Capture:

When a woman or man, more so a woman that sees a shoes that capture and grab her at first sight, that is a day for her. For some women like myself, when I am shopping for shoes, it has to grab me or capture my heart, the style and sophistication of the shoes, that is how I start by buying shoes.  It must be a shoes that I can see me in, A shoes that reflects my personality.  It has to be a shoes that of my taste and sophistication, a shoes that will turn heads and that will be admirable to all. The sheos has to feel good, comfortable, sexy and warm.  The shoes has to be in all categories, Formal, casual and in boots. Some people are not too fussy about shoes, so they may have a limited amount of shoes, but when a shoes capture you, to me, there is no limit on the amount of shoes a woman can have.

My Love at first sight

A shoes must be your love at first sight when you are shopping for shoes, it must be your style, something you love, the brand and the heel, whether low heel, high heel, etc.  It must be simple classic and sexy. Right up your ally. You will say, I have enough shoes, but another one will not hurt.  A woman with good, nice sophisticated shoes and fell in love with the shoes at first sight is never ugly.  What you wear, always starts with your shoes.  It is ok to be a little obessed with shoes, wear your nice heals now, enjoy them while you can, and not just heals, but the right shoes, just fall in love with simple sophisticated shoes that will grab your love at first sight, and you will be on top of the world. They might say you are a shoe addict, but that is quiet ok.  As long as you love the shoes at first sight and you are happy, that is all that matters.

The Act of Seeing a shoes that capture at first sight

Your shoes tells a lot about you.  People treat you by the way how you carry yourself.  People tend to pay attention your shoes, your shoes can tell your personality or the mood you are in that day.  Your personality is reflected in your choice of shoes, that is why, shoes to me, is the act of seeing a shoes or buying a shoes that capture me at first sight.  The shoes has to reveal my personality, I have to see me in the shoes. Picture your self in the shoes. The shoes should capture you at first sight to the point that, you are looking at it, but at the same time walking in it.  You tried it on and don’t want to take it off, that shoe really capture you at first sight.

A sense of sophistication that touches the heart

When buying shoes, it must be so sophisticated that it touches your heart.  A shoes that when you wears it, you are wearing it on your heart. A person’s shoes says a lot. For example:

If a person shoes is old but well kept, that is a conscientous type of person, like my husband,  My husband takes good care of his shoes, he will take it off and wipe the bottom off and put it back in the box, and he will have the shoes for a long time and when he wears it, you will think that it is a brand new shoes.

Expensive shoes, shows that the person is a high Income earner

Shabby shoes means the person is a liberial thinker, and the list goes on.

Cheap shoes, shows that, that is what the person can afford, but there are times when a cheap shoes can look expensive, so even if you are buying a cheap shoes, make sure that it grabs you and look sophisticated.

A Heart for the Art of Shoes

A person can have a heart for the Art of shoes, where they can get their shoes designed for them selfves or to their own specification.  There are still people who are making shoes, some are still making it the old fashion way. You can designed your own shoes, there are so many things you can do, if you really have the heart for the art of shoes.  There are so many ways you can make or design your own shoes.  There are shoe making classes for beginners, Tutorial and the shoe making processs.  A person can design or come up with their own idea in addition to the shoes, such as shoe accessories, shoe care products, and other items.  The info mentioned above are for people who really have a Heart for the art of shoes.


The heart of footwear is extraordinary. Shoes is a great identifier and also a cultural Identifier and show a person value. What type of shoes do you like.  What are your favorite shoes, describe your shoes and explain why they are special. What does your shoes say about you? The next time you are buying a pair of shoes, make sure  it grabs you and that you can wear it on your heart, and that, you can see yourself in it.  Awake your true spirit in your choice of shoes, wear the best shoes and the best styles, Designs that you will love.  Chose shoes of sophistication and elegance, Shoes which gives the first impression, Shoes that speak your personality and image.  Be your own lable. Wear shoes that is commendable, becuase your shoes say alot.  Discover your shoe curiosity, and get your dream shoe today. Remember, A lady is known by her shoes.  Fabulous shoes can take you places.  Make your own magic, by starting with the heart of sophisicated, fabulous, simplicity, gorgeous lovely eye catching shoes, with a hint of simplicity just for you. A woman must be classy and fabulous and it starts with her shoes.

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