Things you must know when Shopping for Designer Shoes and More


Some People hate shopping and some people like myself love shopping, especially if it’s for shoes, (Designer Shoes) and bags and accessories. You don’t need to be confused of all the different stores or where to go to get nice designer shoes and bags etc. according to your own pocket. There are so many sites and different stores where you can get discounts and information in regard to your designer shows and more. I am going to see if I can shed some light on this topic.

When buying designer shoes and all your designer accessories or shoes in general, Make sure you decide how much you want to spend. Stick to a budget, sometimes when we go in the stores or shop online, you may see sales and all kinds of discounts and we tend to go over budget, just like I would do, because I may see all the designer shoes or it may not be designer shoes and accessories I like and go overboard, then I get myself in trouble.

When you are shopping for shoes, make sure you try shoes on and make sure that, they are comfortable, I know that you know your size, but, sometimes your size won’t fit depending on the brand or the Manufacturer. That is the reason why, in the past, I like to buy shoes physically, rather than order online. If you try the shoes and it does not feel comfortable, make sure you try other sizes, until you are comfortable.

When you are shopping for shoes, make sure the shoe fit comfortable with both big toes, one foot of shoe may fit comfortable on your left big toe, but uncomfortable on the right big toe, that happens to me in the past and when I wear the shoes to a function, I am skipping and hopping all over the place, even though it’s my size and it looks good, Pay close attention to that, because that is an uncomfortable feeling and can be so embarrassing, people may think that, it is not your shoes or something. I am laughing so hard right now, because I have been there.

When buying shoes, know also the length and width, not just the size, don’t just buy any brand either. Keep your expectations high. Take your time and make sure the shoes is flexible. Pay attention to the material of the shoes. The shoes should conform to the shape of your feet. The shoes should allow enough room not tight-fitting even if it’s your size.

Make sure that the shoes is breathable and can absorb moisture, and make sure to try both shoes on, not just one foot and say, oh it is my size this fits perfectly. One of our foot is bigger than the other.

Different types of shoes for example: Moccasin, Sandals, pumps. Slip on and lace-up shoes and many more fits differently, so take your time when shopping for shoes.

If you are wearing sneakers, make sure you wear sock, you don’t want to damage your feet and this can prevent any kind of foot disease or fungus. When I wear sneakers, I usually put some foot powder because I do have sweaty feet. Also, another thing to consider if you have sweaty feet, there are some heals like high heel sandals does not feel comfortable for me, because of sweaty feet, my feet slide all the way down, and it is really an uncomfortable feeling and then I won’t be able to walk in the sandals. If you are in a closed up shoe with sweaty feet, it maybe, but just put some foot powder to keep your feet dry and to prevent any fungus.

When you are on the move, you may want to be in some comfortable shoes, if you wear heels, you may want to travel with some flats just in case. When you are on the move, you may want to wear some leather lining shoes for comfort and flat shoes, so when shopping for shoes, you need all different types and sizes of shoes.

If you love shoes like I do, you want to shop for different colors of shoes, different size heels if you wear heals, and different flats in different styles to accommodate your dress, pocket book and accessories. Different color shoes and different size heels make a difference depending on the occasion and how comfortable you want to be at the different functions and or different events that you will be going to.

I am not one to judge anyone of the type of shoes or clothes they wear, but there are different shoes for different occasions and different events. I know they will say that people wear what they have, which I understand, but when shopping for shoes, try to buy different types of shoes for different occasion depending on your lifestyle. You may not be a person who travels a lot or go to functions, or event often, but buy shoes also according to your life style.

Please guys, buy shoes that you are comfortable wearing, if you are not use to wearing heels and can’t walk in them, please don’t buy heels, or try buying short heels if you need heel for a specific occasion. You do have Flats that are dressy and classic for different occasions too if you are not a person who wears heels or if you have a knee problem and have to wear only flats, then shop for classy sophisticated flats and designer flats if you want to still look the part for that special occasion. As I said before, you have to know your situation and shop per your life style.

In closing, you know your body type, you know your own feet better than anyone else, you know your comfort level, you know your toes, you know your pain, you know your style, you know the burden on your feet, you know who you are and you know you, so shop for your shoes accordingly.

Your passion for your designer shoes, should walk you to your destination.

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  1. Thank you for such a great post. I definitely agree with your point that its advisable to have various different types of shoes for different occasions. This also includes different ranges of heel length!! 

    I am currently part of a gospel choir and for some events the women are required to wear heels. For one specific concert, our choir director advised us to wear “court shoes”. I honestly never really heard of them and did not own a pair. To cut a long story short, I had to go and purchase an expensive pair as it was non-sale times.Therefore I have learned that during those sale times, I make sure I think of my shoe variety and buy accordingly. That will save me from going through that again! Lesson learnt 🙂

  2. I must say a big thank you to you for taking out time to write this awesome article as it contains very informative tips on fact to be considered when getting a  designers shoe and tell you reading it was interesting, I know it would be of great help to the public as it has been of help to me.

  3. Hi, I just wanted to say that I like your site very much. Thanks for sharing an awesome article about shopping for designer shoes. I usually wear a pair of Air Nike 🙂 but I know a few people who are going to love your work here. Thanks again for sharing, and keep up with your work!

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