Women and Men Designer Shoes


Does the shoe match the dress?

In the world of Women designer footwear and men designer shoes, fashion and design, everyone is entitled to dress the way they want to, but the question is, are you wearing the right dress with the right shoes and for men, the correct socks with the correct shoes and color? When it comes on to Women and Men Designer Shoes, it is a unique topic. Some times, you will need someone else ‘s opinion on your dress style, if you are someone that can take constructive criticism well, it will help you a great deal.

Women and Men Designer shoes, all depends on the occasion or event, there are different dress for and shoes for different occasions, I have been to events, wedding and funeral and I have seen some fashions that are so inappropriate. I have been to a funeral and someone literally has no clothes on, as if the person was going to a club. I thought to myself, that was so inappropriate.

Knowing what to wear, when to wear is another key component, and this goes for both men and women. You don’t want to wear designer woman clothing and Men designer clothing with wrong shoes or the wrong color and nothing blends and is out of place.

Are you wearing the correct bag with the correct attire for the occasion? I am a strong believer also that your bag should match your shoes color and some color in your designer clothing, and for the correct occasion. The colors should blend and coordinate correctly, that is a true fashionista!!. You should be looking glamorous at all times, especially if you are a public figure. If you are a public figure and you are always out especially where groups of people are, you really need to carry yourself in a modest sophisticated way, because people will be watching and admiring you at all times, the way how you carry yourself, People will not only admire you, but look up to you, and that in itself will make people respect you. As I said in one of my earlier post, people will treat you, respect or disrespect you according to the way in which you carry yourself.

When a woman or man wears designer clothes or dress modest an appropriately, for the ladies an elegantly dress lady refrains from Vulgar language, if you as a lady dresses elegantly, your language should compliment your dressing, there is no way a woman can dress elegantly and classy and foul language comes out of her mouth, then she would not be elegant at all. A well-dressed fashionista would refrain from foul or bad indecent language, the language she used or how she responds will reflect on her. An Elegantly dress lady in fashion has to have some self-respect, class and appreciation and good etiquette.

Being a Women or man in Fashion wearing nice clothes and nice designer shoes is not just about look good on the outside, and behaving good outwardly, it is also about your character, and being polite. It is your character that will draw attention to the right people, and it is your character that will keep you at the top of your game and fashion.

What i just said above about your character, it is very important. Have you ever seen a well-dressed elegant man or woman, very good-looking and their bad attitude just turns you off? I am sure you have seen that many times, and there are times you will see someone who really does not have the budget to dress elegant, but their attitude and character was so pleasant and you can see that, they are a good person and have a good heart. I have seen this many times. So again, with all the fashion designs and classy elegant dressing, please make sure your attitude and character compliments your Fashion and design.

Along with Women and Men Designer Fashion also comes with professionalism. Not because a person look good and dress good you will also need to recognize what is going on around you, look at things and situation objectively and understands how it affects everyone involved, a fashionista will respect others and show respect toward those with whom they interact. I say this, because some people, knows that they dress good and look good and can be in the latest fashion trend and designer styles, they will show off on others, which is not nice. No one know what can happen to them, so with all your fashion and dressing be kind, be nice and be humble.

Help someone dress if you can, if someone does not know how to put themselves together, don’t judge that person, help them. By you being kind and generous and humble, and with a good heart, and your nice fashion, you look good will always shine. When you dress, and have a bad character, your dressing will look Trashy. But with all your fashion and designer shoes with a good character, your dressing will look professional and elegant.

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